About Us


At the Yale Wright Laboratory Advanced Prototyping Center (APC), our mission is to provide an advanced fabrication facility and design support for custom instrumentation within the Yale community. We also aim to help researchers develop design skills and educate them about modern prototyping techniques. The APC complements other research shops at Yale that provide traditional machining services and training.


person working on water jet

James Nikkel


Research Scientist
scientist building instrument

Arina Telles

Deputy Director

Yale Physics Graduate Student



The APC is located on the first floor of Wright Lab, which is located at 272 Whitney Avenue, New Haven.  Email us for an appointment.  For directions, please see here.


If you use APC facilities in your research, we request that you acknowledge us in your written publications or grant applications as follows:

“This research made use of the Advanced Prototyping Centre at Yale University.”

We request that a citation or a copy of the publication be sent to the director for our records.  This information is important to help support our mission and to demonstrate the need for the equipment and staff expertise within the APC.  APC staff recognition (such as co-authorship) on projects requiring a large investment of time, or a significant intellectual contribution by the APC will be discussed on an individual basis.